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Picture of the Day Challenge—Day 7


We’re going to keep with the sports theme again for today’s entry in the Picture of the Day Challenge between my wife, Linda, and me.

Brown County’s boys’ varsity soccer team advanced to 5-1 on the season with a 4-2 win over Western Indiana Conference rival Sullivan. Here, Eagles senior Leeland Kesler fights for control of the ball with a Golden Arrows defender in the first half of the contest.

Picture of the Day Challenge—Day 6


Although we are three weeks into high school football season, I attended and shot my first game of the 2013 season tonight.

Shooting sports is probably my favorite type of photography, and has been since I bought my first professional camera back in high school almost 35 years ago. Every game/event is different and presents new challenges for me to overcome.

Tonight, Brown County went to 2-1 on the season with an exciting 34-30 win on the road at West Vigo. The Eagles are playing a different style of football under new head coach Ethan Schreiber, and it’s made shooting football even more exciting.

Picture of the Day Challenge—Day 5

©2013 Rodney A. Margison (13-090501-016)

Sunset through the trees, Brown County, Indiana. (Photo by Rodney A. Margison)

I looked out across our back yard this evening, through the trees at the sun as it lowered itself toward the horizon. Standing in one place, I could see it’s movement through the trees; one moment it blinded me and the next it was hidden behind a branch. I wanted to capture that movement in some way, and I hope that I have.

Be sure to read my wife’s blog… Linda challenged me to a photo a day to her blog post a day during the month of September. It’s worth reading.

Picture of the Day Challenge—Day 4

©2013 Rodney A. Margison (13-090401-015)

Well, folks, it isn’t much, but it’s a picture. Dinner tonight was hamburgers and french fries, and after a very busy day, I nearly forgot about our daily challenge. So here it is, in all its (non-)splendor—french fries baking in the oven.

Picture of the Day Challenge—Day 3

©2013 Rodney A. Margison (13-090301-414)

Brown County’s Rebecca Wedan tries to get around Jennings County’s Lydia Borgeman late in the Lady Eagles’ 2-1 loss to the Lady Panthers. (Photo by Rodney A. Margison)

Three days in and I haven’t bombed out yet. Sometimes I surprise even myself.

Because of my regular schedule of shooting, today marks the first of what I expect will be several days during the month when my Picture of the Day is from a regular assignment.

The Brown County High School girls’ varsity soccer team hosted Jennings County High School tonight at Eagle Park, coming up short to the Lady Panthers, 2-1.

Today’s photo is of Lady Eagle Rebecca Wedan, as she tries to get around Jennings County’s Lydia Borgeman late in the contest. I like this photo because it has several layers of action: Wedan on offense, Borgeman on defense, another Brown County player backing Wedan up, and Lady Eagles’ coach David Phelps and a couple of alternates yelling from the sideline.

It hasn’t been that long ago that I didn’t really like photographing soccer much. The action moves from one spot to another on the field in no time, and unlike football, there’s really no way of predicting what might happen next. But over the course of the last two years or so, I’ve come to enjoy shooting it, mostly because of that challenge.

If you haven’t already, be sure to keep up with my wife Linda’s blog during our September challenge. You can find her amazing writing here.

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